Who We Are


We're committed to enhancing our clients' productivity by engineering, manufacturing, and operating industry-leading oil and gas well optimization solutions backed by extensive industry experience and superior service standards.

Mission Statement

Nelgar is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to lower operating costs and maximize profits in the oil and gas industry.

Our vision is to continue leading the optimization industry through advanced technology, innovative products and responsive services designed to enhance productivity and profitability for a growing list of Canadian and international customers.

Choose Nelgar and go with the leader. We're the only oil and gas well optimization company that engineers, manufactures, and operates all of its products and has a skilled team of expert field technologists to ensure accurate data collection. Our recommendations have an average payout of only 3.5 weeks, making us the first choice for customers who want advanced production optimization products and services that reduce downtime, increase production and boost productivity.


Health & Safety


Safety and health are important elements of Nelgar's management and operational philosophies. Management takes an active role in safety, and open communication on safety issues is encouraged at all levels of the company. All staff receive extensive health and safety training to ensure that they have the work-safe skills needed to operate independently in the field.

Certificates & Permit Samples

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Certificate of Recognition »

IRP 16 Certificate »

In addition to being recognized by the Alberta Workers' Compensation Board for our excellent safety record, we're a proud holder of a Certificate of Recognition, which is awarded to companies whose health and safety programs match or exceed the provincial standard. All of our field technologists and equipment are both COR and IRP 16 certified. Our modern fleet of well-maintained vehicles also have state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems, which is an important component of work-alone field safety.